Professional Restoration & Repair


Professional Restoration & Repair—established in Colorado Springs in 1986—specializes in the structural and cosmetic repair of concrete, masonry and wood.  We perform epoxy injection, patching, coating, and sealing activities to repair a wide variety of structures.  We also use drilling, coring, exothermic cutting, and epoxy doweling for alteration purposes.  Since we specialize in repair, we have the practical experience to suggest the best choice of many repair alternatives.

Evaluation of existing conditions and providing cost effective solutions for maintenance/repair for any problems, always trying to keep the best interests of our clients in mind.

Structural repairs for buildings, parking garages and equipment, including:

Repair of concrete that is deteriorating, which includes:

Concrete deterioration from freeze-thaw or snow melt application.

Repair of areas where water damage or leakage has occurred, including:

Concrete hole coring—through concrete with or without rebar location,

Restoration of brick, masonry and wood—both interior and exterior.

Ability to locate underlying steel in concrete.

We are fully insured and have met all insurance requirements mandated by the State of Colorado.